Rebus Consulting was founded by Stephen Flynn who has over 10 years’ experience within the contractor payroll market. Having previously worked as Sales and Compliance Director with a market leading organisation the decision was made to launch a new independent venture that could remain adaptable, compliant and competitive in an ever changing, legislatively driven market.

Stephen’s brother Marc joined Rebus in September 2017 as Compliance Director. Prior to this Marc was a Tax Inspector within HMRC. With his 10+ years’ experience of compliance and HMRC legislation we at Rebus felt Marc was best placed to drive the company forward and put Rebus at the forefront of an ever-changing, compliance-driven industry.


In June 2018, Marc purchased Rebus from Stephen and took over the role of Managing Director of the company. He is looking forward to continuing to build the stellar reputation built by Stephen and his team and welcomes the increased focus on compliance in the umbrella industry.

The core aim of Rebus is to provide a cost-effective and compliant employment solution to both contractor and recruiter that is hassle-free, fully transparent and above all, simple.

We aim to provide a full range of solutions to suit every type of engagement and our expert staff are on hand to discuss your individual circumstances and advise you on which options are available to you.

We are fully committed to providing a ‘best advice’ level of service and will not simply shoehorn anyone into a service that isn’t right or beneficial for them.



We have put together a range of products to ensure that you can be paid the most efficient way whilst working on a flexible basis.

Due to changes in the temporary labour market legislation the way you are paid is determined by your personal circumstances, how you are engaged, what job you do and how you do that job.

We can offer straightforward, simple guidance on how you are operating and provide a solution that is tailored to the needs of each contract, with the flexibility to adapt should your role change.

This ensures that you are operating not only compliantly but as efficiently as possible on each assignment.



We understand the factors that can effect the every day running of your payroll and have adapted to suit. Incorporating a pro-active approach and streamlined internal processes we offer some of the most cost effective packages on the market.

Fully compliant with HMRC legislation

Dedicated Account Manager

Access to a selection or strategic partners


To help you get the best out of our additional services we’ve put together some easy to use step by step guides below.

They will show you just how much we can save you either via our Ltd Company or Umbrella calculators and also how to best use our bespoke Expenses Tracker App.

rebus. Limited

Saving Calculator

Take Home

Pay Calculator

rebus. Expense

Management App





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